About us

“We always believe in creating spaces that give a meaning, and depth, so a person entering or using the space understands what goes beyond drawings and details. We are committed to desigining spaces that make an impression on an individual. The spaces wich we as architects design, should highlight what architecture does and, our passion to amalgamate sustainable and innovative architecture”

- Ar. Chethan Kumar

"A profound design process eventually makes the patron, the architect, and every occasional visitor in the building a slightly better human being." – Juhani Pallasmaa

- Ar. Arvind Babu

About Us

ENTORNO BENGALURU is a Bengaluru-based multi-disciplinary architectural practice established in 2011.
Entorno demonstrates a commitment to the implementation of sustainable yet innovative architecture, and within each project, they conceptualise all aspects of the architectural process: master planning, formal architecture, interior design, landscaping, lighting and furniture design.
Entorno is interested in creative solutions to the issues that face all of us - how to build sustainably; how to create diverse and delightful environments; how the built environment can create and enhance a sense of community; how we can achieve density yet improve amenity; how do we make buildings meaningful and loved; what do we mean by a good building? Entorno continues research into these broad issues, while delivering specific crafted projects that incorporate the results of this speculative process into their fabric.
Projects aim to be generous, improving the lot of the owner, the end user, the precinct, the city at large as well as the broader environment.

Meet The Team

Varsha Venkatesh

Art is the driving force that has made her the architect she is. She has a keen eye for details and brings in energy into the team which basically comes from coffee!

“Architecture is a journey through which you bring life to a space that is more than just four walls and a ceiling”

Chaitra jain

Interior Designer

A big time foodie and Bollywood buff otherwise, Chaitra is the team’s encyclopedia of Interior Design. Having a taste for eclectic design style, her design are composed of clean and neat details.

“Interior design is to architecture, what salt is to food. It is a catalyst that shapes visualiazation into reality”

Shreya Rao

With coherent and modest personality, Shreya is resilient and a tough nut to crack. She finds joy in simple things. With a liking for content creation, she is the team’s `Grammar Nazi`

“Architecture, to me, is both art and science. It is tapping into intangeable aspects of design”


Project Head

A perky yet dynamic professional. Abishek brings in a sense of liveliness into the office atmosphere. Being a multi-disciplinarian, he comes with practical field knowledge.

“ When i draw something, the brain and the hands work together”

Priyesh Singh
Operation Head

I know the price of success, Dedication, Hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.